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Our professionals have decades of experience in both public and private Security: the same Security only can be guaranteed establishing the correct strategies of action, foreseeing an appropriate recovery plan if necessary.
This is possible only when the information does not treat it as simple notions, but is processed to provide intelligence that allows you to take appropriate action at the appropriate time, by appropriate means.

Please contact us to tell us what the needs of your company: many others already have done.


The recent economic crisis situation has attracted more attention from economic operators to the field of risk and fraud management, for both the public sector as the private one they have begun to perceive the damage caused by uncontrolled “risk factor”.


The analysis of the economic situation of the Customer allows us to identify what might be the causes of the greater losses and then assess what the best solutions that will need to be taken to contain them.


“eDocubox” It’s our documents’ Analyzer, already used by many national and local Police forces.


Xperta S.r.l. has an extended experience in tracking, identification, recovery and repatriation of stolen vehicles. Our Operations Department takes care of all the bureaucratic management, including any notary Power of Attorney, Apostille and sworn translation of all the necessary documentation.



Xperta S.r.l. was established by the entrepreneurial project of some experts in the field of analysis and risk management both within the private sector as the insurances’ one.

The experience gained in years of activity fighting frauds made with falsified documents, have allowed our technical experts to develop technological solutions highly advanced and unique in its kind, able to offer concrete answers to the contrast to economic losses, as well as being excellent tools for the fight against organized crime and terrorism.

Our projects have shown its effectiveness in the field and our technicians are also legal experts, police assistants Judicial internationally and trainers of many Police Corps and Customs Authorities in several EU countries and North Africa.

Xperta S.r.l., in addition to operating in Spain, through its business partners is also present in Italy, Germany, United Kingdom and Romania.

Through a network of contacts, correspondents and Lawyers, our Group offers its services throughout the Schengen area, as well as Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, Moldova and Ukraine where it operates without intermediaries.

Our “mission” is to be able to anticipate the events; we collect information and we process in order to offer our customers (be they institutions, private or public bodies) of intelligence services in our areas of expertise:

– Security Counseling
– Risk Management
– Frauds Management
– Loss Management
– Identification, recovery and repatriation of stolen vehicles
– Documents’ Expertise
– Creation and production of tools for documents’ analysis (scanners, OCR, databases, decoders)
– Project Management of Public / Private interest
– Technical Training (Companies, Public Administration and Law Enforcement Agencies)
– Operational assistance to the Judicial Police and Customs Authority.

Most of our Customers are important players in the national and international markets as:

– Insurance Companies
– Financial and Banking Groups
– Telcos.
– Rental and Leasing Companies
– Law Enforcement Agencies (national and local)

Security and Anti-Fraud Solutions.

Xperta S.r.l.


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