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The recent economic crisis situation has attracted more attention from economic operators to the field of risk and fraud management, for both the public sector as the private one they have begun to perceive the damage caused by uncontrolled “risk factor”.
Unfortunately, many professionals of risk management tend to underestimate the role of fraud in the context of their professional duties.

With companies that on average lost every year in an estimated fraud of 5% of their turnover, it has gained more and more strength the need to take a proactive stance with regard to an anti-fraud strategy.
Businesses also should be reflected whether the adoption of all the measures to detect, deter, prevent and prosecute fraud against them.

ARIKI Group offers solutions and anti-fraud initiatives in risk management:

  • Identifying sources from which flow the fraud, assess and manage the risks of exposure;
  • Creating support initiatives to manage the risk of fraud, by implanting an “anti-fraud culture” by promoting – throughout the organization – the awareness of the problem;
  • Developping a system of internal controls to detect the risks of fraud to which the company is exposed;
  • Adopting the correct actions to take in case of any identified cases as fraudulent.

When a company fails to take the necessary maneuvers ton contain phenomenon of fraud, it becomes “unwitting accomplice” of the same criminal that is cheating them.

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