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Axiom n.1
All major delittive activities begin and / or end with the aid of a forged document.

Axiom n.2

Knowledge is always the principle of the capacity.

When these concepts become an integral part of the company’s investigative and operational strategy, then it is easier to understand how the vocational training is the most effective tool available to contain fraud for the Company and to fight crime and terrorism for Police Authorities.
All our trainers have gained between 10 and 30 years of international experience in their field of implementation and many of them serve in their Police Bodies in several EU Countries.
A new paradigm
All our training courses – regardless of the level of contents – as well as having a theoretical session and a practical, are based primarily on the acquisition of awareness on the part of workers who, during the document verification operations, you need to go beyond mere verification of security measures existing on document they are controlling: to learn how to check the consistency of the information therein contained is also required.

This is the training we offer in… 3.0 version!